PSANZ 100+ Trials
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Acronym Trial Name Trial ID Main Coordinating Centre Multi-Centre Status Recruitment Investigators InitSort
Acronym Trial Name Trial ID Main Coordinating Centre Multi-Centre Status Recruitment Investigators InitSort
A cluster randomised trial to evaluate the effectiveness of a telephone based coaching program in reducing excessive gestational weight gain amongst pregnant women - pilotACTRN12615000397516Liverpool HospitalYesCurrently recruitingMs Michelle Maxwell1
HUMID StudyA comparison of humidified and unconditioned gases in the delivery room for stabilising preterm infants less than 30 weeks gestation at birthACTRN12613000093785The Royal Women's Hospital, VicYesCurrently recruitingDr Lorraine McGrory1
A double-blind randomised controlled trial of oxytocin bolus plus placebo infusion versus oxytocin bolus plus oxytocin infusion at elective caesarean sectionACTRN12607000631404Monash Medical CentreYesCurrently recruitingEuan Wallace, Joanne Mockler, Vangy Malkoutzis1
FICareA Family Integrated Care model for the neonatal intensive care unit: a cluster randomised controlled trialNCT01852695Mt Sinai Hospital, CanadaYesCurrently recruitingShoo K Lee Associate Professor Kei Lui (Aust)1
PIPA maternal probiotic intervention for infant allergic disease preventionACTRN12612000196842Wellington Asthma Research Group, WellingtonNoCurrently recruitingDr Kristin Wickens1
COPRAA pilot randomised controlled trial of outpatient balloon catheter priming for induction of labourACTRN12612001184864Women`s & Children`s HospitalNoCurrently recruitingDr Chris Wilkinson1
AcuAnteDepA pragmatic randomised controlled trial evaluating acupuncture as an antenatal intervention for the treatment of antenatal depressionACTRN12615000250538University of Western Sydney-National Institute of Complementary MedicineYesCurrently recruitingMs Simone Ormsby1
A randomised clinical trial at the time of spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean section to investigate the effect of equipotent phenylephrine and metaraminol infusions on neonatal outcomeACTRN12612000996864King Edward Memorial HospitalNoCurrently recruitingProfessor Michael Paech1
A randomised control trial (RCT) of enhanced parenting to improve developmental outcomes in preterm infantsACTRN12612000194864University of QueenslandYesCurrently recruitingProf Paul Colditz1
A randomised control trial comparing two methods of delivering continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), infant flow system CPAP and bubble CPAP, in supporting successful extubation for infants of birth weights less than or equal to 1500 grams at birth ACTRN12605000400662 / NCT00187434Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, CanadaYesCurrently recruitingMarilyn Hyndman1
A randomised controlled trial comparing daily (400 IU) and single bolus dosing (50,000 IU) of vitamin D in healthy breastfed infants of vitamin D deficient mothersACTRN12613001234707Sunshine HospitalNoCurrently recruitingDr Julie Huynh1
ELVISA Randomised Controlled Trial Investigating the Influence of BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin) and Hepatitis B Immunisation at Birth on Neonatal Immune ResponsesNCT02444611Mercy Hospital for Women, HeidelbergNoCurrently recruitingLianne Cox1
A randomised controlled trial of Baby Triple P: an evaluation of an antenatal parenting program to improve parental responsiveness in first-time parentsACTRN12613000948796School of Psychology, University of QueenslandYesCurrently recruitingMandy Mihelic1
A randomised controlled trial of continuous versus intermittent infusion of vancomycin in neonatesNCT02210169Murdoch Childrens Research InstituteYesCurrently recruitingNigel Curtis Noel Cranswick1
A randomised controlled trial of dark chocolate in pregnancy for reduction in incidence of pre-eclampsiaISRCTN41164968John James Medical Centre, Australian National UniversityNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Stephen Robson1
A randomised controlled trial studying the effectiveness of mask ventilation with a 2 person method compared to a 1 person method in preterm neonates prior to non-emergent endotracheal intubation in reducing mask leak and airway obstructionACTRN12613001216707Westmead HospitalNoCurrently recruitingDr Mark Tracy1
VBACA randomised controlled trial to determine whether continuity of care increases the rate of attempted vaginal birth after caesareanACTRN12611001214921University of Technology, SydneyYesCurrently recruitingProf Caroline Homer1
Premi RemiA randomised double-blind placebo-controlled trial of the efficacy of Remifentanil for procedural pain in neonatesACTRN12612000385842John Hunter Children's Hospital, NSWNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Ian Wright1
A RCT of pregnant women being monitored during labour with ST analysis monitoring and cardiotocography compared wo being monitored with cardiotocography alone in order to reduce caesarean section whilst still having comparable outcomes for the baby.ACTRN12615001308583Women's & Children's Hospital, AdelaideNoCurrently recruitingDr Chris Wilkinson1
PROTECTIVEA study to assess whether two different doses of antenatal intravenous iron administration (500 mg and 1000mg ferric carboxymaltose) are equivalent in replenishing and sustaining iron stores successfully in pregnant iron deficient womenACTRN12615000950561Lyell McEwin HospitalNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Bernd Froessler1
ACDCAboriginal Cord Delayed Clamping Study: Investigating delayed cord clamping versus immediate cord clamping for term newborn Aboriginal infants from remote Aboriginal communitiesACTRN12612000071820Menzies School of Health ResearchNoCurrently recruitingDr Melanie Hanson1
An early sleep psychoeducational intervention to improve sleep management and reduce depressive symptoms in new mothersACTRN12611000859987Woolcock Institute of Medical ResearchNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Delwyn Bartlett1
AAMSAntenatal Asthma Management ServiceACTRN12613000244707The Robinson Institute, University of AdelaideYesCurrently recruitingA/Prof Vicki Clifton1
APProveAPProve: CAn Probiotics ImPROVE Breastfeeding Outcomes?ACTRN12615000923561Royal North Shore Hospital, St LeonardsNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Natasha Nassar1
ARRIVaLArtificial Rupture of membranes versus Repeat Intra-Vaginal prostaglandins for induction of labour: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12613000370707Mater Mothers` Research Centre, Mater Health ServicesNoCurrently recruitingDr Michael Beckmann1
APTSAustralian Placental Transfusion StudyNHMRC571309; ACTRN12610000633088NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, The University of Sydney, NSWYesCurrently recruitingProf William Tarnow Mordi1
BLISSBaby-led introduction to solidsACTRN12612001133820University of OtagoNoCurrently recruitingDr Anne-Louise Heath1
BBBiBeating the Blues before Birth (individual treatment)ACTRN12609000926235Parent-Infant Research Institute, Austin HealthNoCurrently recruitingCharlene Schembri1
BELIEFBirth Emotions looking to improve Expectant or Extreme FearACTRN12612000526875Griffith UniversityYesCurrently recruitingJenny Fenwick1
N3ROCan omega 3 fatty acids improve respiratory outcomes in preterm infants?ACTRN12612000503820Women's & Children's Health Research InstituteYesCurrently recruitingCarmel Collins1
CiPSCandida in Pregnancy Study - Treatment of asymptomatic candidiasis in pregnant women for the prevention of preterm birthNHMRC 632532; ACTRN12610000607077Royal North Shore HospitalYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Jonathan Morris, Professor Warwick Giles, Associate Professor Christine Roberts, Professor Judy Simpson, Dr George Kotsiou, Dr Jennifer Bowen, Dr Jane Hirst1
CIRIASColic, Irritability, Reflux, Intolerance and Allergy Study. A randomised controlled trial of maternal dietary and behavioural interventions in breastfeeding mothers with colicky infantsACTRN12612000773831Children`s Nutrition Research Centre, Royal Children`s HospitalYesCurrently recruitingTracy Harb1
RESITEComparison of rates of extravasation injuries and phlebitis between fixed duration use of peripheral intravenous cannula and standard practice in newborns infants.ACTRN12615000827538Monash Medical Centre - Clayton campus - ClaytonNoCurrently recruitingDr Atul Malhotra1
Control of breathing and measurement of disease severity in premature infants with chronic lung diseaseACTRN12613000124730Monash Medical Centre, Clayton Campus VicNoCurrently recruitingDr Kenneth Tan1
Determination of equivalent doses (ED50) of metaraminol and phenulephrine needed to prevent hypotension during elective caesarean section under regional anaesthesiaKing Edward Memorial Hospital for Women (KEMH)NoCurrently recruitingDr Nolan McDonnell1
Developing an educational intervention for high risk women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (Eat for your baby)ACTRN12615000697583Victoria University College of Health and BiomedicineNoCurrently recruitingProf Mary Carolan-Olah1
DAMEDiabetes and antenatal milk expressing a randomised controlled trialACTRN12611000217909Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe UniversityYesCurrently recruitingChief Investigators: Della Forster, Susan Jacobs, Lisa Amir, Peter Davis, Sue Walker, Kerri McEgan, Gillian Opie, Christine East Associate Investigators: Susan Donath, Anita Moorhead, Cath McNamara, Rachael Ford, Amanda Alyward1
MAGENTADoes antenatal magnesium sulphate given to women at risk of preterm birth between 30 and 34 weeks' gestation reduce the risk of death or cerebral palsy in their children? - a randomised controlled trial.ACTRN126110000491965Australian Research Centre for Health of Women and Babies (ARCH), The University of AdelaideYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Caroline Crowther, Philippa Middleton, Associate Professor Dominic Wilkinson, Associate Professor Ross Haslam1
MEAN ITCH TrialDoes methylnaltrexone reduce the incidence and severity of itch following spinal anaesthesia with intrathecal morphine in women undergoing caesarean deliveryACTRN12612000572864Dept of Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine, King Edward Memorial Hospital for WomenYesCurrently recruitingProf Michael Paech1
HUGSEarly intervention to protect the mother-infant relationship following postnatal depression - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12612001110875Parent-Infant Research Institute, Heidelberg Repatriation HospitalNoCurrently recruitingDr Charlene Schembri1
FACTEffect of folic acid supplementation in pregnancy on pre-eclampsia - Folic Acid Clinic TrialISRCTN23781770; NCT01355159Ottawa Health Research Institute, Ottawa, CanadaYesCurrently recruitingChief Investigator: Dr Mark Walker (Canada) Dr Shi Wu Wen Australian Principal Investigator: Professor Bill Hague1
SiMPro Study (Single or Multiple Probiotics for neonates)Effect of single versus multi-strain probiotic supplementation on the time to full enteral feeds in preterm neonates – a double blind randomised controlled trialACTRN12615000940572King Edward Memorial Hospital, WANoCurrently recruitingDr Gayatri Jape1
Mums Step it UpEffectiveness of a facebook-delivered physical activity intervention for post-partum womenACTRN12613000069752University of South AustraliaNoCurrently recruitingJocelyn Kernot1
Efficacy and safety of a novel fish oil based lipid emulsion (SMOFlipid) compared with olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoneic) in term and near-term (>34 weeks) neonates - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12609000337279Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, WANoCurrently recruitingGirish Deshpande1
Triple P - Infant ObesityEfficacy of the Baby Healthy Living (Triple P) parenting intervention for parents of 4-18 month old babies at risk for infant obesity.ACTRN12614001010684Parenting & Family Support Centre School of Psychology, University of QueenslandNoCurrently recruitingMs Agnes Gelmini1
ENtiCeEncouragement for Nicotine Cessation in pregnant smokersACTRN12612000399897University of NewcastleNoCurrently recruitingDr Marita Lynagh1
EPPI TrialEnoxaparin for the Prevention of Preeclampsia and Intrauterine growth restriction – a pilot randomised placebo-controlled trialACTRN12609000699268Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of AucklandYesCurrently recruitingDr Katie Groom1
Epidural pain relief and the outcome of labourACTRN12614000448640Sydney Medical School Nepean, The University of SydneyNoCurrently recruitingDr Kevin Hall1
PKEEvaluating a new parenting kit developed by the Royal Women’s Hospital: a mixed methods studyACTRN12615000270516The Royal Women's HospitalNoCurrently recruitingProfessor Della Forster1
SEETAP TrialEvaluation of needle visibility during insertion of ultrasound guided transversus abdominis plane (TAP) blocks for women undergoing lower abdominal surgeryACTRN12612000549820King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, WANoCurrently recruitingMelanie Bloor1
Cry BabyEvaluation of the online Cry Baby program: a universal online program that aims to increase parent understanding of normal infant sleeping and crying patterns and reduce associated parental depression and fatigueACTRN12613001098729Parenting Research Centre, Melbourne, Vic.NoCurrently recruitingDr Fallon Cook1
FLAMINGO TrialFetal lactate measurement to reduce caesarean sections during labour: a randomised trialACTRN12611000172909Royal Women`s Hospital, VicNoCurrently recruitingProfessor Christine East1
FLIPFlavour for Infants born Preterm. Taste and Smell to improve milk tolerance in preterm infantsACTRN12614000661673Mercy Hospital for Women, VicNoCurrently recruitingDr Friederike Beker1
Foley Catheter Latex versus Silicone for Cervical Ripening Prior to Term Induction of Labour: a randomized controlled trialACTRN12615000795594Westmead HospitalNoCurrently recruitingDr Therese McGee1
GEMSGestational diabetes trial of detection thresholds: Impact on health and costsACTRN12615000290594The University of AucklandNoCurrently recruitingProfessor Caroline Crowther1
HIPP StudyHealth In Pregnancy and Post BirthACTRN12611000331932Deakin UniversityNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Helen Skouteris1
MobileMumsHelping women with young children meet their physical activity goals: a randomised, controlled trial of a personalised program delivered by mobile telephone text messagingACTRN12611000481976School of Public Health, Queensland University of TechnologyNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Alison Marshall1
Help-seeking for postnatal depression as a major public health problem: A cluster randomised controlled trial of motivational interviewingACTRN12611000635965Parent-Infant Research Institute, VICNoCurrently recruitingDr Charlene Schembri1
HIPSTER TrialHigh Flow Nasal Cannulae as Primary Support in the Treatment of Early Respiratory DistressACTRN12613000303741The Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoCurrently recruitingDr Calum Roberts1
HINT 2Hyperglycaemia in Neonates Trial. Computer determined insulin dosage in the management of neonatal hyperglycaemiaACTRN12614000492651University of Auckland; Department of Paediatrics: Child and Youth HealthNoCurrently recruiting Dr Jane Alsweiler1
hPODHypoglycaemia prevention in newborns with oral dextroseACTRN12614001263684Liggins Institute, University of AucklandYesCurrently recruitingDr Jo Hegarty: Professor Jane Harding: Dr Jane Alsweiler: Professor Caroline Crowther: Greg Gamble: Richard Edlin:
Immunogenicity and safety of acellular pertussis vaccine given at birth in healthy infantsACTRN12609000905268Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children, WestmeadYesCurrently recruitingNicholas Wood1
ICARISImpact of Caesarean Rates following Injections of Sterile Water: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12611000221954Mater Health ServicesYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Sue Kildea1
ProVIDeImpact of Protein IVN on Development: for extremely low birthweight babies, does higher intravenous protein intake in the first 5 days after birth improve neurodevelopmental outcome, growth and body composition through to 2 years of age?ACTRN12612001084875Liggins Institute, University of AucklandYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Frank Bloomfield: Barbara Cormack: Professor Caroline Crowther: Dr Cathryn Conlon Dr Yannan Jiang
MIOH-DSImproving maternal and infant outcomes: a multicentre randomised controlled trial of midwifery and dental interventionACTRN12612001271897Centre for Applied Nursing Research Ingham Institute of Applied Medical ResearchNoCurrently recruitingDr Ajesh George1
IMPROVEImproving Maternal and Progency Obesity Via Exercise: Antenatal exercise in overweight and obese women and its effects on offspring and maternal healthACTRN12612000932864Liggins institute, The University of AucklandNoCurrently recruitingProf Paul Hofman1
PMTrialIn pregnant women with previous subfertility, does progesterone supplementation decrease the likelihood of miscarriage?ACTRN12611000401954Mater Mothers` Hospital QLDNoCurrently recruitingDr Luke McLindon1
CPAP StudyIn very preterm infants who are being extubated to nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), does a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) recruitment maneuvre post extubation improve global and regional end-expiratory lung volumeACTRN12610000167066Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoCurrently recruitingProf Peter Davis; Risha Bhatia1
FLoRaIs bias gas flow in ventilated preterm babies related to lung injury and risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia? Flows at Lower RatesACTRN12611000628943Liggins Institute, University of AucklandYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Frank Bloomfield: Dr Katinka Bach: kittyb@adhb.govt.nz1
GRoWMetformin and dietary advice to improve insulin sensitivity and promote gestational restriction of weight in pregnant women who are obese - a randomised trialACTRN12612001277831Discipline of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, The University of AdelaideYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Jodie Dodd1
MPG TrialMetformin in the Prevention of Gestational DiabetesACTRN12610000157077Women`s and Children`s Hospital, Children`s Youth and Women`s Health Service, North AdelaideYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Bill Hague1
MAGDA-DPPMothers After Gestational Diabetes in Australia Diabetes Prevention ProgramACTRN12610000338066Deakin University, VicYesCurrently recruitingProf James Dunbar1
OPTIMIST-AMulticentre randomised controlled trial of minimally-invasive surfactant therapy in preterm infants 25-28 weeks gestation on continuous positive airway pressureACTRN12611000916943 : NCT02140580Royal Hobart HospitalNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Peter Dargaville1
OPTIMIST-BMulticentre randomised controlled trial of minimally-invastive surfactant therapy in preterm infants 29-32 weeks gestation on continuous positive airway pressureACTRN12611000917932Royal Hobart Hospital, TasYesCurrently recruitingA/Prof Peter Dargaville1
NESTNeonatal Electrographic Seizure TrialACTRN12611000327987Royal Children's Hospital, VictoriaYesCurrently recruitingA/Prof Rod Hunt1
NUMBNeuraxial Ultrasound for Maternal Backs. Ulrasound-Assisted Neuraxial Anaesthesia for Caesarean SectionACTRN12614000076673Royal Brisbane & Womens Hospital, Herston QLDNoCurrently recruitingDr Ben Crooke1
ORIPOmega-3 fats to reduce the incidence of prematurityACTRN12613001142729Women`s and Children`s Health Research Institute, SA (WCH)YesCurrently recruitingDr Shao (Jo) Zhou1
MoodGYMOnline cognitive behaviour therapy (MoodGYM) for the prevention of postnatal depression in at-risk mothers: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12609001032246Centre for Mental Health Research, The Australian National UniversityNoCurrently recruitingBethany Jones1
TARGETOptimal glycaemic targets for gestational diabetes: the randomised trialACTRN12615000282583The University of AucklandNoCurrently recruitingProf Caroline Crowther1
OPTIMISEOptimising gestational weight gain and improving maternal and infant health outcomes through antenatal dietary, lifestyle and exercise advice: the OPTIMISE randomised trialACTRN12614000583640The University of AdelaideYesCurrently recruitingProfessor Jodie Dodd1
Oropharyngeal airway for prevention of airway obstruction during positive pressure ventilation in preterm infants < 34 weeks gestation during neonatal resuscitation - a randomised trialACTRN12612000392864Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoCurrently recruitingOmar Kamlin1
Oxytocin as an adjunct to interaction coaching and baby massage to improve bonding in the early postpartumACTRN12609000483257The University of New South WalesNoCurrently recruitingRebecca McErlean1
PDA TrialParacetamol Duct Action: The effect of paracetamol vs placebo on ductal closure in premature infants with a late patent ductus arteriousACTRN12611000741987Royal North Shore Hospital, NSWYesCurrently recruitingA/Prof Martin Kluckow1
POP-OUTPersistent Occiput Posterior: OUTcomes following manual rotationACTRN12612001312831Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSWYesCurrently recruitingHala Phipps, Bradley de Vries1
POT-OUTPersistent Occiput Transverse: OUTcomes following manual rotation. POT-OUT StudyACTRN12613000005752Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSWYesCurrently recruitingDr Brad De Vries1
Post partum hypertension risk after non-steroidal analgesic use (excluding paracetamol) PT0522Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, NSW Campbelltown Hospital, NSWNoCurrently recruitingAnnemarie Hennessy1
PREMMPreterm infant massage by the motherACTRN12612000335897Grantly Stable Neonatal Unit, Royal Brisbane & Women's HospitalNoCurrently recruitingProf Paul Colditz1
Propofol compared to morphine and midazolam for facilitating neonatal intubation: A randomized controlled trialACTRN12608000277347Grantley Stable Neonatal Unit, Royal Brisbane and Womens' Hospital, BrisbaneNoCurrently recruitingPieter Koorts1
PO-PROMProstaglandin gel versus oxytocin for induction of labour in term prelabour rupture of membranesACTRN12612000093886Department of Obstetrics, Ipswich HospitalNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Kassam Mahomed and Dr Chris Weekes1
QuEST TrialQuestioning the role of egg in lactation for induction of specific toleranceACTRN12613000643774Princess Margaret Hospital, Subiaco, WANoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Debbie Palmer1
PIVIDRandomised placebo controlled study of vitamin D during pregnancy and infancyACTRN12610000483055Department of Paediatrics The University of AucklandNoCurrently recruitingAssoc Professor Cameron Grant1
right@homeright@home: A national sustained nurse home visiting trial to promote family wellbeing and child developmentISRCTN89962120The Royal Children's Hospital, VicYesCurrently recruitingDr Anna Price1
RUBYRinging Up about Breastfeeding: a randomised control trial exploring earlY telephone peer support for breastfeedingACTRN12612001024831Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe University The Royal Women`s Hospital, Melbourne, VictoriaYesCurrently recruitingChief Investigators: Della Forster, Helen McLachlan, Mary-Ann Davey, Lisa Amir, Lisa Gold, Rhonda Small Associate Investigators: Cindy-Lee Dennis, Anita Moorhead, , Patrice Hickey, Kate Mortensen, Nanette Shone1
STRIDERSTRIDER (NZAus) A randomised placebo-controlled trial of a new therapy (sildenafil) to help growth in severely growth restricted fetuses at very early gestationsACTRN12612000584831Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of AucklandYesCurrently recruitingDr Katie Groom, Professor Philip Baker, Professor Lesley McCowan, Professor Peter Stone, Dr Arier Lee1
STOP TrialSupporting Threatened Outcomes with Progesterone In women with threatened miscarriage, does progesterone supplementation increase the likelihood of live birth?ACTRN126110000405910Mater Mothers' HospitalNoCurrently recruitingDr Luke McLindon1
TARDISTargeted Delivery Suite Intervention Study. A randomised controlled trial of modes of ventilatory support in preterm babies from point of delivery to the neonatal intensive care unitACTRN12609000986279Nepean HospitalNoCurrently recruitingMark Tracy1
To2rpido StudyTargeted Oxygenation in the Resuscitation of Premature Infants and their Developmental Outcome. (formally recorded as) Feasibility of Multinational Trial of Targeted Oxygen for the Resuscitation of Premature Infants and their DevelopmentACTRN12610001059055Dept of Newborn Care, Royal Hospital for Women, NSWYesCurrently recruitingJulee Oei1
The CompleTe Birth Study. Complementary medicine techniques for labour and birth: A mixed methods study.ACTRN12611001126909University of Western Sydney, NSWYesCurrently recruitingA/Prof Caroline Smith1
VITAL TrialThe effects of vitamin D supplementation in infancy on immune developmentACTRN12612000787886School of Paediatrics & Child Health, University of WANoCurrently recruitingDebbie Palmer1
Gen-D StudyThe efficacy of vitamin D supplementation in infants on bone mineral content: A double blind randomized controlled trialACTRN12613000732785University of Tasmania Menzies Research InstituteYesCurrently recruitingDr Ingrid van der Mei1
The impact of continuity of care on weight gain in obese pregnant womenACTRN12610001078044Deakin UniversityNoCurrently recruitingDr Cate Nagle1
TOBOGM PilotThe Treatment Of BOoking Gestational diabetes Mellitus (TOBOGM) Pilot Study: Evaluating the impact on obstetric outcomes of immediate versus delayed care for gestational diabetes diagnosed at bookingACTRN12615000974505University of Western SydneyNoCurrently recruitingProf David Simmons1
WOMAN TrialTranexamic acid for the treatment of postpartum haemorrhage: an international, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial. World Maternal Antifibrinolytic TrialISRCTN76912190 / NCT00872469London, UKYesCurrently recruitingProf Ian Roberts1
Ultrasound in the second stage of labour for fetal position – a randomised controlled trialACTRN12615001213538Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Ipswich HospitalNoCurrently recruitingA/Prof Kassam Mahomed1
WendyWalking for Exercise and Nutrition to prevent Diabetes for YouACTRN12611000075987 / NCT01247753University of Michigan & Mater Mothers HospitalNoCurrently recruitingAnn Peacock1
SPARCSA brief couple-focussed psychoeducational intervention to prevent postnatal mental health problems in women: a cluster randomised controlled trial (Sleep, Parenting And Relationships in Community Settings)ACTRN12613000506796Monash UniversityNoNot yet recruitingProf Jane Fisher2
The MASK studyA comparison of different round masks for intermittent positive pressure ventilation in preterm infants prior to intubationACTRN12614000709640The Royal Women's Hospital - ParkvilleNoNot yet recruitingDr Lorraine McGrory2
TRAMOD TrialA comparison of the overall pain scores post elective caesarean section, when initial intraoperative analgesia is given intravenously (IV) versus per rectum (PR).ACTRN12615000997550Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology The Northern Hospital, Epping, VicNoNot yet recruitingDr Darren Lowen2
A pilot randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of a physiological (step) versus a standard action (slope) labour progress lines on the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth amongst low risk women in labour for the first timeACTRN12614000786695Midwifery Research Unit, Mater Research InstituteNoNot yet recruitingDr Nigel Lee2
The Partograph TrialA pilot randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of two designs of partographs, including labour progress lines, on the rate of spontaneous vaginal birth amongst low risk women in labour for the first timeACTRN12615000445572Mater Mother's HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Nigel Lee2
A pilot study on delivery suite mask ventilation in extremely preterm infantsACTRN12614000245695Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Westmead HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Dharmesh Shah2
A postpartum motivational interviewing group intervention for women with a history of gestational diabetesACTRN12613001078741Diabetes Projects Trust, NZNoNot yet recruitingHeidi Baxter2
The HEADS UP StudyA Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial comparing C-MAC (Trademark) Videolaryngoscope Intubation with Direct Laryngoscope Intubation in Neonates.ACTRN12614001134617Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, CamperdownNoNot yet recruitingDr Sarah Bellhouse2
A randomised controlled trial comparing immediate and controlled release oxycodone the day after caesarean sectionACTRN12613000076774Ipswich Hospital, QLDNoNot yet recruitingMr Anthony Schoenwald2
IMPRINTA randomised controlled trial of an adaptive working memory training intervention in very preterm childrenACTRN12612000124831Royal Childrens' HospitalNoNot yet recruitingA/Prof Peter Anderson2
HiFloW TrialA randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of heated, humidified high flow nasal cannula (HHHFNC) in the withdrawal of nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP) in preterm infantsACTRN12610001003066RPA Hospital, SydneyNoNot yet recruitingA/Prof David Osborn2
RHINOA study of intranasal remifentanil for intubation and surfactant administration in neonatesACTRN12612000386831John Hunter Children's Hospital, NSWNoNot yet recruitingA/Prof Ian Wright2
The DRESSING TrailAdding negative pRESSure to improve healINGACTRN12615000286549NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Nursing (NCREN), Centre for Health Practice Innovation (HPI), Menzies Health Institute Qld (MHIQ), GRIFFITH UNIVERSITY, Gold Coast CampusYesNot yet recruitingAssoc Prof Brigid M Gillespie2
BLEED TrialAn Australian study evaluating a specialised blood collection drape to improve midwives' estimation of blood loss during labour.ACTRN12613000628741St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital - Mercy campusNoNot yet recruitingDr Sharon Licqurish2
BEARAn effect of antenatal and postanatal maternal support programs on attachment and resilience for mums and infants: A randomised controlled trialACTRN12615000684527Centre for Women's Mental Health, The Royal Women's Hospital Parkville VicNoNot yet recruitingDr Angela Komiti2
Antenatal education for epidural anaesthesia in labour - a pilot studyACTRN12611000710921NoNot yet recruitingKate Claxton2
Assessment of pregnant women undertaking daily weighing, compared to standard care, in gaining target pregnancy weight gainACTRN12613001165774Redcliffe Hospital, QLDNoNot yet recruitingDr Shaun McGrath2
Can Pentoxifylline improve long-term outcomes in preterm infants with late-onset sepsis or necrotizing enterocolitis – a pragmatic, randomized, controlled trialUniversity of Western AustraliaNoNot yet recruitingProf Karen Simmer2
Capacity for informed consent during labourACTRN12614000456651School of Women's and Children's Health, UNSW, Royal Hospital for WomenNoNot yet recruitingProf Alec Welsh2
Comparison of blood collection tubes for blood glucose testing in the diagnosis of gestational diabetesACTRN12614001089628Department of Medicine, Christchurch HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Helen Lunt2
Comparison of the reliability of continuous with intermittent blood pressure monitoring during Caesarean section under spinal anaesthesiaACTRN1261100026921Department of Anaesthesia, The Royal Womens HospitalNoNot yet recruitingThomas McCarthy2
Cooling for perineal pain relief after childbirth: randomised trialACTRN12607000557437University of Melbourne/Royal Women`s HospitalNoNot yet recruitingChristine East2
DINO-II pilot studyDetermining the docosahexaenoic acid dose to obtain plasma and erythrocyte phospholipid fatty acid profiles in preterm infants comparable to term infant profiles: a dose response pilot study.ACTRN12610000382077NoNot yet recruitingCarmel Collins2
Development of Breastfeeding Skills in Preterm InfantsACTRN12615000245594Centre for Neonatal Research and Education The University of Western AustraliaNoNot yet recruitingProf Karen Simmer2
Diary TrialDoes a diary help pregnant women achieve ideal weight gain in pregnancy and reduce gestational diabetesACTRN12611001156976Joondalup Health CampusNoNot yet recruitingJulie Quinlivan2
Does low level laser therapy reduce pain levels in cracked or grazed nipples in breastfeeding Western Australian women?ACTRN12611000544976NoNot yet recruitingLaura Snowball2
Does use of an Iodine containing contrast agent, Iopamidol, in preterm babies requiring intravascular line positioning cause hypothyroidism - A randomised control trialACTRN12614000560695Dept of Neonatology, Royal North Shore HospitalNoNot yet recruitingAssoc Prof Martin Kluckow2
TOCC - Timing of Cord Clamping StudyEarly versus delayed cord clamping and is effects on infant heart rate and oxygen saturation in the first minutes after birthACTRN12614000253606The Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoNot yet recruitingDr Omar Kamlin; Dr Jennifer Dawson2
WASH*TEffect of transfusion of washed red blood cells on neonatal outcome: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12613000237785Women's & Children's Hospital, SAYesNot yet recruitingMichael Stark2
Effects of early caesarean delivery on perinatal outcomes of intrauterine opiate exposed infantsNoNot yet recruitingA Liu2
ecselEnhanced care and support in early labour trialACTRN12613000161729Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe UniversityNoNot yet recruitingDr Mary-Ann Davey2
Evaluating web-based pelvic floor muscle education for pregnant womenACTRN12613000192785School of Physiotherapy, The University of Notre Dame, WAYesNot yet recruitingMs Judith Wilson2
TIDALEvaluation of different iron treatments of pregnant women with anaemia of pregnancyACTRN12613000853741Launceston General HospitalNoNot yet recruitingA/Prof Alhossain A Khalafallah2
Evaluation of physiotherapy management in pregnancy related pelvic girdle painACTRN12614000472673Physiotherapy Department, Westmead HospitalNoNot yet recruitingMrs Dragana Ceprnja2
PINTO feasibility studyFeasibility trial for PINTO: pre-diabetes in pregnancy, can early intensive management and lifestyle advice improve outcomes?ACTRN12615000904572University of Otago, Christchurch Women's HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Ruth Hughes2
GluT pilotGlucose Targets in gestational diabetes PilotACTRN12614001250628Women's and Children's HospitalNoNot yet recruitingProf William Hague2
HUNTERHigh-flow nasal cannulae use in non-tertiary centres for early respiratory distress in newborn infants: The HUNTER trialACTRN12614001203640Newborn Research Centre, The Royal Women's Hospital,YesNot yet recruitingDr Brett Manley2
HINT TrialHigh-flow nasal cannulae versus ambient oxygen for the treatment of newborn infants with early respiratory distress in non-tertiary special care nurseries: a multicentre, randomised controlled trialACTRN12611000233921Gosford Hospital and The Royal Women's, MelbourneNoNot yet recruitingAdam Buckmaster2
STORKImproving access to primary care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies in Western Australia. The ‘Stork’ stepped wedge randomised controlled trialACTRN12615000976583University of Western AustraliaNoNot yet recruitingProfessor Karen Edmond2
e-premImproving child and parent outcomes after preterm birth using a web-based early intervention program (e-prem)ACTRN12614000906651Murdoch Childrens Research InstituteNoNot yet recruitingDr Karli Treyvaud2
INPUTImproving New Parents' Understanding of a TrialACTRN12613001381774South Western Sydney Local Health District HRECNoNot yet recruitingProf William Tarnow-Mordi2
Improving oral hygiene to reduce the risk of preterm birth: A randomised controlled trial assessing a high intensity educational interventionACTRN12605000767606NoNot yet recruitingCaroline Crowther2
Improving primary care for Aboriginal mothers and babies in the Kimberley region of Western Australia: a population and region based cluster randomised trial driven by local health service providersUniversity of Western AustraliaNoNot yet recruitingProfessor Karen Edmond2
IMPACT Online StudyImproving Public Awareness of Clinical Trials through online questionnairesACTRN12613001337763NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of SydneyYesNot yet recruitingProf William Tarnow-Mordi2
I HEAR BETAIndigenous Healthy EARs- BEtadine, Tissues and Antibiotics. Comparing cotrimoxazole and/or povidone-iodine ear wash with standard dry mopping and ciprofloxacin ear drops in Indigenous children with chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM)ACTRN12614000234617Menzies School of Health ResearchNoNot yet recruitingProf Peter Morris Prof Amanda Leach2
RIDSTRESSInvestigating if sildenafil (50mg PO 8hrly) reduces rates of category one caesareans for fetal distress and improves fetal and uteroplacental blood flow on Doppler ultrasound in term (37-42 weeks), singleton, appropriately grown pregnanciesACTRN12615000319572Mater Medical Research InstituteNoNot yet recruitingProf Sailesh Kumar2
Investigating side-lying for bottle feeding preterm infants on respiratory supportACTRN12613000765752The Royal Womens HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Jennifer Dawson2
SYMBA StudyInvestigating the effect of maternal prebiotic fibre supplementation during pregnancy and breastfeeding on the prevention of early childhood allergies (provisionally registered)ACTRN12615001075572pSchool of Paediatrics & Child Health, UWANoNot yet recruitingProf Susan Prescott2
Investigating the utility of the customised fetal growth chart: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12612001215819Mater Medical Research Institute QLDNoNot yet recruitingKristen Gibbons2
LIFTLactoferrin Infant Feeding Trial (LIFT) to prevent sepsis and death in preterm infantsACTRN12611000247976NHMRC Clinical Trial Centre, NSWYesNot yet recruitingProf William Tarnow Mordi2
LEAP-1Lactoferrin trial: bovine lactoferrin or ferrous sulphateACTRN12614000988651NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of SydneyNoNot yet recruitingProf William Tarnow Mordi2
MASTERYManagement of Asthma with Supportive Telehealth of Respiratory function in PregnancyACTRN12613000800729Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg, VicYesNot yet recruitingDr Johnson George2
FluMumMaternal influenza vaccination: Improving uptake and evaluating the persistence of immune responses at deliveryANZCTRN12612000175875Menzies School of Health Research, Charles Darwin UniversityNoNot yet recruitingKerry-Ann O'Grady2
MBMMy Baby’s Movements: a stepped wedge cluster randomised controlled trial to raise maternal awareness of fetal movements during pregnancyACTRN12614000291684Mater Research Institute - The University of QueenslandYesNot yet recruitingA/Prof Vicki Flenady2
OSSIESObese Subcuticular Sutures versus Interrupted Evaluation at caesarean Section: a randomised control trialACTRN12613001327774Sunshine Hospital, St Albans, VicNoNot yet recruitingDr Carole-Anne Whigham2
Optimisation of Glycaemic Control in the Setting of Antenatal Corticosteroid Administration in Pregnancies Complicated by DiabetesACTRN12614001083684Royal Prince Alfred HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Arianne Sweeting2
OptiMumOptimising Protection for Pregnant Women with Influenza VaccinationACTRN12614000374662Women's and Children's Hospital FoundationNoNot yet recruitingAssoc Prof Helen Marshall2
The OVID Trial PilotOral paracetamol versus intravenous Ibuprofen for the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus in premature infants: a pilot randomised trialACTRN12614000754640Monash Medical CentreNoNot yet recruitingDr Kenneth Tan2
The OVID TrialOral paracetamol versus intravenous indomethacin for the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus in premature infants: A Randomised Control TrialACTRN12615000981527Monash Medical Centre, ClaytonNoNot yet recruitingDr Kenneth Tan2
PIFIParent Infant Feeding Initiative: a study to enhance breastfeeding durationACTRN12614000605695Curtin UniversityNoNot yet recruitingProf Jane Scott2
Phenylephrine infusion in caesarean section under spinal anaestheticACTRN12613000117718Frankston Hospital, VicNoNot yet recruitingA/Prof Terence Edward Loughnan2
HFNP WHO RCTPilot randomised control trial of high-flow nasal prong warm, humidified oxygen (HFNP WHO) compared to standard oxygen therapyACTRN12612000685819NoNot yet recruitingElizabeth Kepreotes2
PINKPregnancy iodine and neurodevelopment in kidsACTRN12610000411044NoNot yet recruitingDr Jo Zhou2
POP StudyPregnancy Outcomes after Pre-pregnancy weight loss in obese womenACTRN12614001160628University of MelbourneYesNot yet recruitingProf Joseph Prioetto2
PAEANPreventing Adverse Outcomes of Neonatal Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy with Erythropoietin: a randomised controlled multicentre Australian & NZ trialACTRN12614000669695Mater Health Services & Mater Research, Uni of QldYesNot yet recruitingAssoc/Prof Helen Liley2
Primary prevention of gestational diabetes for women who are overweight and obese: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12613000125729Deakin University School of Nursing and MidwiferyNoNot yet recruitingDr Cate Nagle2
PR.E.P.A.REPRimigravidas Experiencing Post-dates and Acupressure REsearch. A randomised controlled trial of acupressure to assist spontaneous labour for women who are pregnant for the first time experiencing post-date pregnancy; pilot studyACTRN12613000145707Antenatal Clinics Maternity Services, Gosford Hospital, NSWYesNot yet recruitingLyndall Mollart2
SPRINGProbiotics for the prevention of gestational diabetes in overweight and obese women.ACTRN12611001208998Royal Brisbane and Women`s Hospital, QLDNoNot yet recruitingA/Prof Leonie Callaway2
PINC BALLOON StudyProstaglandin Inpatient Induction of labour Compared with BALLOon Outpatient iNduction of labour: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12614000039684Mater Mother's Hospital, South BrisbaneYesNot yet recruitingDr Michael Beckmann2
BUGS TrialRandomized Double-blind Placebo-controlled Trial of Probiotics in Pregnancy and its effect on Group-B Streptococcal ColonizationACTRN12615000239561Fiona Stanley Hospital WANoNot yet recruitingDr Shailender Mehta2
Torpido2Targeted Oxygenation in the Resuscitation of Premature Infants: Effects on Developmental OutcomeACTRN12615000115538Royal Hospital for Women, RandwickYesNot yet recruitingDr Julee Oei2
TeleGDMTelemedicine for Insulin Treated Gestational Diabetes MellitusACTRN12614000934640The University of MelbourneYesNot yet recruitingMr Tshepo Rasekaba2
txt4twoTesting the feasibility of an intervention program to promote healthy nutrition, physical activity and weight gain in pregnant womenACTRN12614000288628Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, Deakin University, VicNoNot yet recruitingAprof Karen Campbell2
BLTThe Breathing for Life Trial: A randomised controlled trial of fractional exhaled nitric oxide based management of asthma during pregnancy and its impact on perinatal outcomes and infact and childhood respiratory healthACTRN12613000202763Centre for Asthma and Respiratory Diseases, Hunter Medical Research Institute, NSWYesNot yet recruitingProf Peter Gibson; Dr Vanessa Murphy2
FIB-UPFRONT PPHThe effect of Upfront Administration of Fibrinogen concentrate on total blood volume loss in Obstetric Haemorrhage – A Pilot studyACTRN12614000691640Anaesthetic Department Auckland City HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDr Joreline van der Westhuizen2
The effects of communication styles on the pain and anxiety experienced by patients during subsequent painful proceduresACTRN12613000578707King Edward Memorial Hospital, Anaesthetic DepartmentNoNot yet recruitingDr Twain Russell2
The effects of mindfulness training on maternal stress, depressed mood and present moment awareness: A pilot randomised trialACTRN12614000523606Monash UniversityNoNot yet recruitingDr Jill Beattie2
ROSATransient hip and knee flexion for rapid onset spinal anaesthesia for caesarean section, a randomised control studyACTRN12614000893606NoNot yet recruitingDr Allan Cyna2
Transversus abdominis plane block, performed by an ultrasound or landmark technique, as part of a multimodal analgesic regimen for post caesarean section analgesia: a randomised controlled trialKing Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, PerthNoNot yet recruitingNolan McDonnell; Michael Paech2
Trial of hydrocolloid dressing for preterm babies on nasal bubble CPAPMater HospitalNoNot yet recruitingDianne Karakujic2
VINE StudyVideolaryngoscopy for Intubation of Neonates: an Evaluation - a randomised controlled studyACTRN12613000159752Department of Newborn Research, Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoNot yet recruitingDr Joyce O'Shea2
CHiPS StudyWeaning preterm infants with a gestational age (GA) of <30 weeks from respiratory support: a comparison of duration of respiratory support with heated humidified high flow nasal cannula (HHHFNC) and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)ACTRN12615000077561Middlemore HospitalNoNot yet recruitingMiss Joanne Clements2
HeLP for MumsA community based low intensity lifestyle intervention to prevent weight gain in women with childrenACTRN12608000110381Jean Hailes Foundation for Women Health/ Monash UniversityNoRecruitment completeCat Lombard3
A comparison of axillary and tympanic temperature recording in the preterm and term infantACTRN12608000213347The Townsville Hospital, QldNoRecruitment completeGary Alcock3
A comparison of fentanyl with pethidine for pain relief during childbirthACTRN126090001027202Flinders University/Flinders Medical CentreYesRecruitment completeJulie Fleet3
A comparison of Propofol and Suxamethonium as induction agents for neonatal endotracheal intubationPT0545NoRecruitment completeJulee Oei3
PRIVA TrialA comparison of the overall pain scores post caesarean section, when initial intraoperative analgesia is given intravenously (IV) versus per rectum (PR)ACTRN12614001144606NoRecruitment completeDr Darren Lowen3
A comparison of two nasal continuous positive airway pressure interfaces - a randomized crossover studyMiddlemore Hospital/Univ of Auckland NZNoRecruitment complete3
GI Baby 3A dietary intervention during pregnancy to reduce child obesityACTRN12610000681055The University of SydneyNoRecruitment completeProf Jennie Brand-Miller3
A double blind randomised controlled trial comparing the efficacy and safety of an olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoleic) to a soybean oil based lipid emulsion (Intralipid) in very preterm infants requiring parenteral nutritionNoRecruitment completeKaren Simmer3
A double blind randomised controlled trial of Domperidone and Metoclopramide as pro-lactational agents in mothers of preterm infantsPT0392NoRecruitment completeSimon James3
A family tobacco control program to reduce respiratory illness in Indigenous infants.ACTRN12609000397213Menzies School of Health Research/Royal Darwin HospitalYesRecruitment completeVanessa Johnston3
A group randomised trial of two methods for disseminating a smoking cessation programme to public antenatal clinics: effects on patient outcomesNoRecruitment completeRaoul Walsh3
NIFTYA multi-centre randomised double blind placebo controlled trial of nifedipine maintenance tocolysis in fetal fibronectin positive women in threatened preterm labourACTRN12613000985785Auckland HospitalNoRecruitment completeDr Emma Parry3
GAS studyA multisite randomised controlled trial comparing regional and general anaesthesia for effects on neurodevelopmental outcome and apnoea in infants.ACTRN12606000441516 / NCT00756600Royal Children's HospitalYesRecruitment completeAndrew Davidson3
PUSH StudyA pilot randomised control trial on maternal antenatal teaching for pushing in second stage of labourACTRN12608000542392NoRecruitment completeH Phipps3
MBBA pilot study to test recruitment methods, feasibility and study procedures for a planned randomised controlled trial of the MindBabyBody program: an antenatal mindfulness intervention to reduce depression, stress and anxietyACTRN12613000742774The Royal Women's Hospital, Parkville, VicNoRecruitment completeDr Hannah Woolhouse3
A postnatal support program and its effect on breastfeeding durationPT0379NoRecruitment completeSue McDonald3
A preventative intervention for illicit drug using mothers and their infantsNoRecruitment completeAnne Bartu3
A prospective randomised trial to study the effect of intravenous iron therapy versus the standard treatment with oral iron for women diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancyACTRN12609000177257Launceston General HospitalNoRecruitment completealhossain A Khalafallah3
CUT TrialA prospective, randomised study Comparing cUrved versus straighT scissors to reduce episiotomy extensionACTRN12612000285853Royal Brisbane & Women's HospitalNoRecruitment completeAngela Swift3
IRISA randomised clinical trial of different infusion rates of magnesium sulphate given prenatally to women for the prevention of side effectsACTRN12605000765628Women's and Children's Hospital, SANoRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
A randomised controlled trial of a brief multi strategic child health nurse intervention to reduce infant secondhand smoke exposureACTRN12614001032640Hunter New England HealthNoRecruitment completeMs Justine Daly3
ADEPTA randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for prenatal screening and diagnosisACTRN012606000234516 / NHMRC237124 / PT0513 / ISRCTN22532458University of MelbourneNoRecruitment completeJane Halliday3
MANGOA randomised controlled trial of caseload midwiferyACTRN12609000349246UTSYesRecruitment completeSally Tracy3
A randomised controlled trial of psychological interventions for postnatal depressionNoRecruitment completeJeannette Milgrom3
A randomised controlled trial of the effect of physiotherapy intervention on pelvic floor dysfunction in postpartum womenPT0514NoRecruitment completeLaurie Breheny3
A randomised controlled trial on the effects of antenatal vitamin D supplementation to improve vitamin D levels in the maternal and cord blood at birth in vitamin D deficient pregnant womenACTRN12609000142235Monash Medical CentreNoRecruitment completeJodie Benson3
A randomised crossover trial of two algorithms for managing desaturation episodes in ventilated premature infantsNoRecruitment complete3
PANTSA randomised placebo controlled pilot trial on the safety and efficacy of a probiotic product in reducing all case mortality and definite necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm very low birthweight neonatesACTRN12609000374268NoRecruitment completeSanjay Patole3
REPITA Randomised trial of an early parenting intervention to reduce maternal mood disorder and infant behaviour disturbanceACTRN12606000063516NoRecruitment completeJane Fisher3
DOMInOA Randomised Trial of DHA in pregnancy to prevent postnatal depressive symptoms and enhance neurodevelopment in children: The DOMInO TrialACTRN12611001125910 / NHMRC 349301Children, Youth and Women's Health Services, SAYesRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
VIBES PLUSA randomised trial of preventative care at home in very preterm infants on neurosensory outcome at 2 years of age (Vibes plus)ACTRN12605000492651Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeLex Doyle3
A randomised trial of sertraline, cognitive behaviour therapy & combined therapy for postnatal depressionNCT02122393Austin HealthNoRecruitment completeJeannette Milgrom3
SWITChA randomised, controlled trial of a single versus a four intradermal Sterile Water Injection Technique for relief of Continuous lower back pain during labourACTRN12609000964213Mater Mothers' HospitalYesRecruitment completeMr Nigel Lee3
BAMBINOA randomized controlled trial using exercise to reduce gestational diabetes and other adverse maternal and neonatal outcomes in obese pregnant women - the pilot studyACTRN12606000271505NoRecruitment completeLeonie Callaway3
Cycle StudyA study of the effectiveness of cycling exercise in breaking the cycle of pregnancy diabetesNCT01283854The University of Western AustraliaNoRecruitment completeDr John Newnham3
Accuracy of clinical assessment of infant heart rate in the delivery roomNoRecruitment completeOmar Kamlin3
DRESSING TrialADding negative pRESSure to improve healING in obese women undergoing caesarean section - PILOTACTRN12612000171819Griffith UniversityNoRecruitment completeProf Wendy Chaboyer3
A*STEROIDAustralasian Antenatal Study to Evaluate the Role Of Intramuscular Dexamethasone versus betamethasone prior to preterm birth to increase survival free of childhood neurosensory disability - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12608000631303The University of Adelaide / Women's & Children's HospitalYesRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
ACTOMgSO4Australasian Collaborative Trial of Magnesium Sulphate for the Prevention of Mortality and Cerebral Palsy in Infants Born Very PretermPT0354 / ACTRN012606000252516Adelaide Women's and Children'sYesRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
ACTORDSAustralasian Collaborative Trial of Repeat Doses of Corticosteroids for the Prevention of Neonatal Respiratory DiseaseACTRN12606000318583; PT0349; ISRCTN48656428Adelaide Women's and Children'sYesRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
ACTSAustralasian Collaborative Trial of vitamin C and E supplementation for the prevention of pre-eclampsiaISRCTN00416244 / NCT00097110 / NHMRC207744 NoRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
PROGRESSAustralian Collaborative trial of vaginal progesterone for prevention of neonatal respiratory distress syndromeISRCTN20269066; NHMRC399137Maternal Perinatal Clinical Trials Unit, Adelaide Women's and Children'sYesRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
AMBITAustralian Mothers and Babies Iron TrialNHMRC250431NoRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
Baby Biotics: Do probiotics help crying babies and their families?ISRCTN95287767Royal Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeDr Valerie Sung3
Baby Business: the first few months of life. The impact of a brief universal parenting program to prevent early infant sleep and cry problems and associated parental depression: a randomised controlled trialISRCTN63834603Centre for Community Child Health, Royal Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeDr Harriet Hiscock3
AC/VG BUR StudyBackup rate selection during neonatal assist control volume guarantee ventilation: a randomised crossover trial. AC/VG BUR StudyACTRN12610000884000Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeKevin Wheeler3
BBBBeating the Blues before BirthACTRN12607000397415NoRecruitment completeChristopher Holt3
BACBirth after Caesarean (BAC) Planned vaginal birth or planned caesarean section for women at term with a single previous caesarean birth ISRCTN53974531 / NHMRC349460WCHYesRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
Bovine lactoferrin supplementation for prevention of necrotizing enterocolitis in very-low-birth-weight neonates: a randomized clinical trialISRCTN53107700ItalyNoRecruitment complete3
Brief antenatal cognitive behaviour therapy group intervention for the prevention of postnatal depression and anxiety: a randomised controlled trialRHW, SydneyNoRecruitment completeM P Austin3
The Balloon TrialCaesarean section following induction of labour in nulliparous women with an unfavourable cervix: a comparison of three ripening agents - PGE2 Gel, single or double balloon catheter.ACTRN12609000186257King Edward Memorial HospitalNoRecruitment completeCraig Pennell3
CAPCaffeine for Apnea of Prematurity Trial (CAP)PT0357NoRecruitment completeBarbara Schmidt/Peter Davis3
Can a low-glycemic index diet reduce the need for insulin in gestational diabetes mellitusSouth Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Area Health ServiceNoRecruitment completeRobert Moses3
Carbetocin vs oxytocin at emergency caesarean sectionACTRN12612000466842Women's Health Unit, Frankson Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeCarole-Anne Whigham3
COSMOSCaseload midwifery for women at low risk of medical complications: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12607000073404Royal Women's HospitalNoRecruitment completeHelen McLachlan3
Cervical occlusion in women with cervical insufficiency: randomised, controlled trial with cerclage, with and without cervical occlusionNCT01737788NoRecruitment completeN J Secher3
CiPS pilotCiPS - Candida in Pregnancy Study - Treatment of candidiasis to prevent preterm birth - pilot studyACTRN126090001052224Royal North ShoreNoRecruitment completeJonathan Morris3
COINCOIN Trial: Nasal CPAP (continuing positive airways pressure) or intubation for very preterm infants at birth. A randomised controlled trialPT0368 / ACTRN012606000258550Royal Women's Hospital, MelbourneYesRecruitment completeColin Morley/Peter Davis3
HIPERSPACEComparing the failure rate of high-flow nasal cannulae (HFNC) versus nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) as post-extubation respiratory support in premature infants with gestational age of 24 to 32 weeks.ACTRN12610000166077Royal Women's Hospital, VicYesRecruitment completeDr Brett Manley3
Comparison of heart rate and oxygen saturation measurements from Masimo and Nellcor pulse oximeters in newly born term infantsThe University of MelbourneYesRecruitment complete3
Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) weaning trialACTRN12606000155594The Canberra Hospital, ACTYesRecruitment completeDavid Todd3
CROPPControlled Released Oxycodone for post caesarean section pain relief. Comparing oral and intravenous patient controlled analgesia for post caesarean section pain relief: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12613001011774Toowoomba Hospital, QLDNoRecruitment completeDr Petrus J Kotze3
lessMASControlled trial of therapeutic lung lavage in meconium aspiration syndromeACTRN12606000290594 / PT0535Royal Hobart Hospital, TasYesRecruitment completePeter Dargaville3
Determining the best method of Nellcor pulse oximeter sensor application in neonatesNoRecruitment complete3
Diabetes & antenatal milk expressing (DAME): a pilot/feasibility studyMercy Hospital for WomenNoRecruitment completeKerri McEgan3
DIAMINDDiabetes SMS text reminders versus standard care for women who have had gestational diabetes mellitus to increase the rate of oral glucose testing in the postpartum periodACTRN12612000621819Australian Research Centre for Health of Women & Babies, The University of AdelaideNoRecruitment completeEmer Heatley/Philippa Middleton3
IDEALDietary and Lifestyle advice for women with borderline gestational glucose intoleranceACTRN12607000174482Australian Research Centre for Health of Women and Babies (ARCH), The University of AdelaideYesRecruitment completeProfessor Caroline Crowther3
Dietary modification for asthma control in pregnancyACTRN12613000301763The University of Adelaide/Robinson Research InstYesRecruitment completeDr Jessica Grieger3
Dietary nucleotide supplementation NoRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
DINODocosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for the improvement of neurodevelopmental outcome in preterm infants: the DINO trialPT0424 / NHMRC250322 / ACTRN12606000327583 Women's and Children's HospitalYesRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
Does early whooping cough (pertussis) vaccination provide earlier antibody protection for infants? A pilot study to determine the appropriate design for a trial of acellular pertussis vaccine given at birth?ACTRN12605000013662NoRecruitment completeNicholas Wood3
POPPETDoes increasing the protein content of human milk fortifier improve growth in preterm infants <33 weeks gestation? A randomised controlled trial. POPPET-Providing Optimal Protein for Prems via Enteral Tubes. ACTRN12611001275954Women's & Children's Health Research InstituteNoRecruitment completeJessica Reid3
Does measuring respiratory function improve neonatal ventilation?NoRecruitment completeColin Morley/Peter Davis3
Does the use of a patient information video affect maternal antenatal anxiety and post-natal maternal satisfaction after elective caesarean delivery?ACTRN12611001207909Dept of Anaesthesia, Royal Brisbane and Women's HospitalNoRecruitment completeDr Victoria Eley3
STINTDoes the use of an introducer (stylet) improve the success rate at orotracheal intubation in newborn infantsACTRN12607000186459RWH, VicNoRecruitment completeLiam O'Connell3
Betadine TrialDoes the use of Betadine solution to wound prior to closure of skin at caesarean section affect wound healing and or infection after caesarean section?ACTRN12611000379910Department of Obstetrics, Ipswich HospitalNoRecruitment completeA/Prof Kassam Mahomed3
Does Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy improve maternal glucose metabolism or prevent gestational diabetes?ACTRN12612001145897Westmead HospitalNoRecruitment completeProf Mark McLean3
Dose-effect study of domperidone as a galactagogue in preterm mothers with insufficient milk supply, and its transfer into milkNoRecruitment completeKen Ilett3
EECV2Early external cephalic version 2 trialPT0542 / ISRCTN56498577McMaster, CanadaYesRecruitment completeEileen Hutton3
Healthy BeginningsEarly intervention of multiple home visits to prevent childhood obesity among a disadvantaged population : a home-based randomised controlled trialACTRN120607000168459NoRecruitment completeLi Men Wen3
Effect of antireflux medication, placebo and infant mental health intervention on persistent crying: a randomized clinical trialNoRecruitment completeBrigid Jordan3
Effect of different diets on gestational diabetes. Can a low glycemic index (GI) diet during pregnancy reduce prevalence of large for gestation age (LGA) amongst gravidas with gestational diabetes (GDM) - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12608000218392Royal Prince Alfred HospitalNoRecruitment completeJimmi Chun Yu Louie3
Effect of humidified and non humidified T piece resuscitation on admission temperatures in preterm infants <32 weeks: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12609000694213NoRecruitment completeDr Michael Peter Meyer3
Effect of maternal egg consumption on breast milk ovalbumin concentrationWomen's & Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
Effect of omeprazole on acid gastroesophageal reflux and gastric acidity in preterm infants with pathological acid refluxNoRecruitment complete3
Effect of position during bottle feeding on physiological stability in preterm infantsACTRN12611000944932NoRecruitment completeDr Jennifer Dawson3
Effect of the 'Mother and Baby' program on new mothers' psychological and physical well-beingNCT00361478The Angliss Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeMary P Galea, Emily Ashby, Margaret Sherburn, Richard Osborne3
Effectiveness of a modified mother-infant transaction program on outcomes for preterm infants from 3 to 24 months of ageNoRecruitment completeCarol Newnham3
Effects of different levels of incubator humidity on temperature and fluid and electrolyte balance in infants born at 28 weeks and lessACTRN12606000138583NoRecruitment completeYuk-Shan Kong3
Effects of probiotics on atopic dermatitis: a randomised controlled trialNoRecruitment completeSusan Prescott3
MECSHEffects on environmental, child, maternal and family outcomes for children born to at risk mothers (who have one or more risk factors for poorer parental coping) receiving sustained nurse home visiting compared with usual careACTRN12608000473369CHETRE, Liverpool HospitalNoRecruitment completeLynn Kemp3
Efficacy and safety of a new fish oil based lipid emulsion (SMOFlipid) compared with olive oil based lipid emulsion (Clinoleic) in preterm (<30 weeks) neonates - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12609001017213King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, WANoRecruitment completeGirish Deshpande3
Efficacy and safety of esomeprazole once daily for the treatment of GERD in neonatal patientsNCT00427635NoRecruitment completeRoss Haslam3
Efficacy and safety of Insulin Detemir versus NPH insulin in pregnant women with type 1 diabetesNCT00474045NoRecruitment complete3
EASIEfficacy and side effects of iron supplements for the correction of anaemia in pregnant women: a comparison of high dose vs low dose ironPT0538 / ACTRN12606000357550WCHNoRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
Efficacy of an oral health promotion intervention in the prevention of early childhood cariesNoRecruitment completeKamila Plutzer3
Enteral glucose and electrolyte solution versus IV fluidsNoRecruitment complete3
Epidural Blood Patch - The Effect of Volume on efficacy- a Multi-National, Multi-Centre, Randomised Controlled TrialACTRN12605000319673University of Western AustraliaYesRecruitment completeMichael Paech3
Evaluating the impact of the Belly Bra on back pain in pregnancyACTRN12605000270617NoRecruitment completeJulie Quinlivan3
Evaluation of a couple-based program for promoting positive transition to parenthoodACTRN12607000026426YesRecruitment completeKim Halford3
Evaluation of a Decision Aid for women with a breech-presenting babyPT0512 / ISRCTN14570598 / NHMRC211051&262041NoRecruitment completeChristine Roberts3
Examining the effectiveness of a creative-arts therapy, antenatal intervention program in comparison with an informal ante-natal birth support group for first-time mothers, on reducing levels of depression, anxiety and the use of analgesics during labourACTRN12606000051549NoRecruitment completeLawrence Bartak3
Expulsion of a retained placenta using acupuncture: a randomised controlled trialPT0347NoRecruitment completeCaroline Smith3
FIFIFather Infant Feeding Initiative: Increasing breastfeeding initiation and duration via education and social support for fathersACTRN12609000667213Curtin UniversityYesRecruitment completeProf Bruce Maycock3
FOREMOST trialFetal intrapartum pulse oximetry: a multicentre randomised controlled trialPT0360 / NHMRC301050 / ACTRN012606000307505NoRecruitment completeChristine East3
Fetal Middle Cerebral Artery Doppler (MCA) velocimetry to determine the timing of second and subsequent fetal blood transfusions in the treatment of fetal anaemia secondary to red cell alloimmunisation - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12608000643370The University of Adelaide, SAYesRecruitment completeSteering Committee: Professor Jodie Dodd, Assoc Professor Jan Dickinson, Dr Chad Andersen, Dr Greg Ryan, Dr Rory Windrim3
Fighting obesity from conception- a randomised trialACTRN12605000709640; PT0543NoRecruitment completeJulie Quinlivan3
StabilFish oil for mood stabilization during pregnancy in women with bipolar disorder. Stabil StudyACTRN12612000405819NoRecruitment completeDr Bronwyn Hegarty3
DHAllergyFish oil supplementation in pregnancy to reduce allergies in early childhoodACTRN12610000735055Child Nutrition Research Centre, Women's & Children's Health Research Inst, WCHNoRecruitment completeDebbie Palmer3
Furosemide for packed red cell transfusion in preterm infants: a randomized controlled trialNoRecruitment completeMartin Kluckow3
MIGGestational Diabetes: pregnancy outcomes in treatment with metformin compared with insulinPT0521: ACTRN012605000266662YesRecruitment completeJanet Rowan3
Getting Research into practice - a randomised controlled trial of an educational intervention aimed at increasing the uptake of evidence based guidelines for termprom and for early onset GBS diseaseNoRecruitment completeJ F King3
MOSAICGP cluster randomised trial to reduce partner violence among pregnant women and women with pre-school childrenACTRN12607000010493 / NHMRC 280617Mother and Child Health Research, VicNoRecruitment completeAngela Taft3
TIGGAGrowth and nutritional status of infants fed formula based on goat milk or cow milkACTRN12608000047392Child Nutrition Research Women's & Children's HospitalYesRecruitment completeJo Zhou3
HeLP-herHealthier lifestyles: Preventing excess weight gain and gestational diabetes in overweight and obese pregnancies: a research and education projectACTRN12608000233325Jean Hailes Research Group for Womens Health and Monash Institute of Health Services Research (Southern Health)MIMRYesRecruitment completeCheryce Harrison3
Healthy Living Program after Gestational DiabetesACTRN12614000539639Westmead HospitalNoRecruitment completeProf N Wah Cheung3
Helping indigenous women to stop smoking during pregnancyNHMRC320851; ACTRN12609000929202Sax InstituteYesRecruitment completeSandra Eades3
HEPRINHeparin for the Prevention of complications related to placental InsufficiencyISRCTN88675588Mt Sinai HospitalYesRecruitment completeJodie Dodd3
HINTHigh blood sugar levels and insulin treatment in preterm babiesACTRN12606000270516AucklandNoRecruitment completeJane Alsweiler3
High flow support versus continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) support in non-acute respiratory support for preterm infants from 30 weeks corrected gestationACTRN12610000677000NoRecruitment completeDr Ian Callander3
Hydrocortisone Trial Early adrenal insufficiency in very premature infantsPT0364NoRecruitment completeHelen Liley3
Hypnosis for nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy a randomised controlled trialACTRN12607000127404Women's and Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeAllan Cyna3
pre-hPODHypoglycaemia prevention in newborns with oral dextroseACTRN12613000322730Liggins Insitute, University of AucklandYesRecruitment completeDr Jo Hegarty: Professor Jane Harding: Dr Jane Alsweiler: Professor Caroline Crowther: Greg Gamble: Richard Edlin: Jutta Van Den Boom: (WBHB Site Investigator)3
PPROMTImmediate delivery vs expectant care in women with preterm prelabour rupture of the membranes close to term - A randomised clinical trial - PPROMTPT0536 / ISRCTN44485060 / NHMRC358378Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Royal North Shore HospitalYesRecruitment completeCoordinating Committee: Professor Jonathan Morris, Associate Professor Christine Roberts, Professor Caroline Crowther, Professor David Henderson-Smart3
MOVE StudyImproving maternal and child health care for women experiencing violence: collaborative development, implementation and effectiveness of a good practice modelACTRN12609000424202Mother & Child Health Research, La Trobe UniversityNoRecruitment completeRuby Walter3
PremieStartImproving neurobehavioural development in preterm infantsACTRN12606000412538Austin Health, VicYesRecruitment completeJeannette Milgrom3
Improving the outcome of premature infants - a randomised trial of preventive care at homeNHMRC284512NoRecruitment completeTerrie Inder3
Resuscitation TrialIn extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants who require positive pressure at birth does the Neopuff Infant Resuscitator compared with the Laerdal Infant bag improve oxygen saturation measurements in the first 10 minutes of life?ACTRN12607000062426NoRecruitment completeJennifer Dawson3
FLORIANIn extremely low birth weight (ELBW) infants who require positive pressure at birth does the use of a respiratory Function Monitor reduce face mask leak and improve the target tidal volume in the first ten minutes of life?ACTRN12608000357358NoRecruitment completeGeorg Schmoelzer3
Awhi-IncentivesIncentives to stop smoking among pregnant Maori women: A feasibility trialACTRN12614000520639University of AucklandNoRecruitment completeDr Marewa Glover3
ICEInfant Cooling Evaluation TrialACTRN012606000036516; NHMRC216725; PTO367;Royal Children's Hospital , VicYesRecruitment completeSusan Jacobs3
INISInternational Neonatal Immunotherapy StudyACTRN012606000273583; NHMRC301973; PTO373Westmead Hospital, NSWYesRecruitment completeWilliam Tarnow Mordi3
Intravenous iron sucrose versus oral iron ferrous sulfate for antenatal and post-partum iron deficiency anaemia: a randomised trialNoRecruitment completeBernd Froessler3
Intravenous oxytocin bolus of 2 units is superior to 5 units during elective caesarean sectionNoRecruitment completeJB Sartain3
LIMITLimiting weight gain in overweight and obese women during pregnancy to improve health outcomes: a randomised trialACTRN12607000161426Women's and Children's HospitalYesRecruitment completeJodie Dodd3
FRUIT-StudyLow-molecular-weight heparin added to aspirin in the prevention of recurrent early-onset pre-eclampsia in women with inheritable thrombophiliaISRCTN87325378NoRecruitment completeProf JIP de Vries3
Magnesium Sulfate for pain relief after Caesarean birthNoRecruitment completeMichael Paech3
Making Choices for Childbirth: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Decision-aid for Informed Birth after CaesareanPTO383NoRecruitment completeMarie Chamberlain3
MAPManaging asthma in Pregnancy: the MAP studyACTRN12607000561482Hunter HospitalNoRecruitment complete3
Midwife-led debriefing after operative birth: four to six year follow-up of a randomised trialNoRecruitment completeRhonda Small3
MobileMums pilotMobileMums: a randomized controlled trial of an SMS -based physical activity intervention.NoRecruitment completeFjeldsoe BS, Miller YD, Marshall AL3
MCV StudyMoxibustion for cephalic version: a feasibility studyACTRN12609000985280Centre for Complementary Medicine, University of Western SydneyNoRecruitment completeCaroline Smith3
MAMMAMultidisciplinary Approach to Management of Maternal Asthma (MAMMA)ACTRN12612000681853Mercy Hospital for Women Monash UniversityNoRecruitment completeDr Johnson George3
Nasal versus face mask for multiple-breath washout technique in preterm infantsNoRecruitment completeSM Schulzke3
Novel feeding system to promote the establishment of breastfeeding after preterm birth a randomised controlled trialACTRN12614000875606University of Western AustraliaNoRecruitment completeProf Karen Simmer3
Omega-3 fatty acids as a treatment for perinatal depression: randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trialPrince Alfred Hospital/University of New South WalesNoRecruitment completeAnne-Marie Rees3
Open versus specific questioning to assess pain during anaesthetic follow-up after caesarean birth: a randomised trialACTRN12609000121268Women's & Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeAllan Cyna3
Optimisation of the management of placental delivery in second trimester pregnancy interruptionNCT00120042King Edward Memorial Hospital, WANoRecruitment completeJan Dickinson3
OPIOOptimising preterm infant outcomes: a RCT to evaluate two screening & surveillance methodsPT0518 / ACTRN012606000472572NoRecruitment completeMargo Pritchard3
SMOOTHOral analgesia compared with intrathecal morphine for pain after caesarean delivery: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12606000506594King Edward Memorial HospitalNoRecruitment completeMichael Paech3
MILOOral misoprostol for the induction of labour at termPT0361 / ACTRN012606000156583Women's and Children's Hospital , SANoRecruitment completeJodie Dodd3
Oral misoprostol versus intravenous oxytocin for induction of labour following artificial or spontaneous rupture of membranesNoRecruitment completeJodie Dodd3
OPRAOutpatient cervical priming for induction of labourACTRN12608000249358Women's and Children's HospitalYesRecruitment completeChris Wilkinson3
FOG TrialOutpatient Foley catheter vs inpatient Prostin gel for induction of labourACTRN12609000420246Royal Hospital for WomenNoRecruitment completeAmanda Henry3
Pain versus comfort scores after caesarean section: a randomised trialACTRN12610000890033Department of Women's Anaesthesia, Women's & Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeAllan Cyna3
COMMANDParecoxib, celecoxib and paracetamol for pain management following caesarean delivery. The COMMAND TrialACTRN12609001041246King Edward Memorial Hospital for WomenNoRecruitment completeMichael Paech3
PPBCRParental presence on bedside clinical rounds (PPBCR) in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)ACTRN12612000506897Department of Neonatology, The Canberra HospitalNoRecruitment completeA/Prof Abdel-Latif Mohamed3
PIVOTParenteral intravenous optimal treatment for hypertensive emergencies in pregnancyPTO388NoRecruitment completeAnnemarie Hennessy3
PLUTOPercutaneous shunting for lower urinary tract obstructionISRCTN53328556The Clinical Trials Unit, University of BirminghamYesRecruitment completeDr Chris Wilkinson, Dr Peter Muller, Professor Jodie Dodd, Professor Caroline Crowther3
Perineal outcomes and maternal comfort related to the application of perineal warm packs in the second stage of labor: a randomised controlled trialRoyal Prince Alfred Women and Babies, NSWNoRecruitment completeHannah G Dahlen3
POPOUTPersistent Occipito-Posterior: Outcomes following digital rotation. The 'POPOUT' StudyACTRN12609000833268NoRecruitment completeHala Phipps3
Phototherapy and Patency of the Ductus Arteriosus in Extremely Preterm infants: A randomised TrialNoRecruitment completeKaren Simmer3
MIOH-DS pilotPiloting of a Midwife Initiated Oral Health-Dental Service (MIOH-DS) to improve the oral health of pregnant womenACTRN12610000794000Sydney South West Area Health Service/University of Western SydneyNoRecruitment completeDr Ajesh George3
PneuMumPneumococcal Vaccination of Australian Indigenous Mothers to See if it Protects their babies from Ear DiseaseNCT00310349; NCT00714064Menzies School of Health ResearchYesRecruitment completeRoss Andrews3
Positioning to improve lung function in preterm infants requiring ventilatory supportACTRN12606000210572NoRecruitment completeJudy Hough3
DART TrialPostnatal Dexamethasone in tiny babies: does it do more good than harm?PT0359 / NHMRC108700Royal Women's Hospital MelbourneNoRecruitment completeLex Doyle3
Postnatal Perineal Pain ProjectACTRN12609000555257NoRecruitment completeKristen Rickard3
PERUSALPre-Epidural Rapid UltraSound assessment of Anatomical Landmarks in obese parturientsACTRN12610000228088NoRecruitment completeDr Chris Mitchell3
PREGGIOPregnancy and Glycaemic Index Outcomes Study comparing a low glycaemic index (GI) diet to a standard healthy dietACTRN12610000174088Clinical Trials & Research Unit South East Sydney & Illwarra Area Health Service Diabetes CentreNoRecruitment completeRobert Moses3
PINTPremature Infants In Need of Transfusion (PINT study)PTO387 / NCT00182390NoRecruitment completeHaresh Kirpalani3
Pressure limit selection during neonatal assist control volume guarantee ventilation: A randomised crossover trial. AC/VG Pmax StudyACTRN12610000886088NoRecruitment completeKevin Wheeler3
Prevention of hypothermia in the delivery room for preterm infants <30 weeks gestationACTRN12608000212358Department of Neonatology, Townsville Hospital, QLDNoRecruitment completeDr Gary Alcock3
LOSPrevention of late onset septicemia in infants in the neonatal intensive care unit, Mater Mothers' Hospital.PT0363Mater Mothers' Hospital, BrisbaneNoRecruitment completeGary Alcock3
Prevention of low systemic blood flow and brain injury in very preterm babies using MilrinonePT0390NoRecruitment completeNick Evans3
POInzPrevention of Overweight in Infancy ( study: a randomised controlled trial of sleep, food and activity interventions for preventing overweight from birthNCT00892983University of OtagoNoRecruitment complete3
SMILEPrevention of preterm birth by treatment of periodontal disease during pregnancy - the Smile studyNCT00133926 / NHMRC353577NoRecruitment completeJohn Newnham3
HOPE TrialPrevention of recurrent pre-eclampsia by folic acid and supplementation in women with hyperhomocysteinaemiaPT0362NoRecruitment completeWilliam Hague3
TRIGRPrimary Prevention Study for Type 1 Diabetes in Children at RiskNCT00179777NoRecruitment completeNeville Howard3
Probiotic Allergy Prevention StudyACTRN12606000280505Princess Margaret Hospital, WANoRecruitment completeSusan Prescott3
Probiotic Eczema Prevention Study(CSG Trial No. 36)Dept of Immunology, Royal Children's Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeRobert Boyle3
PRISMProgram of Resources, Information and Support for MothersISRCTN03464021; NHMRC191215; PT0523NoRecruitment completeJudith Lumley3
PRAMProspective Randomised Automated versus Mercury blood pressure recordings in hypertensive pregnancy (PRAM)NCT00809666University of SydneyNoRecruitment completeLynne Roberts3
Protein in Preterm Infant NutritionACTRN12606000525583NoRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
TAPEProviding Parents in a neonatal intensive care unit with audiorecordings of their conversation with neonatologists: a randomised trialACTRN12606000478516TownsvilleNoRecruitment completeAndrew Johnson3
Randomised control trial comparing the use of the Neobar endotracheal tube holder with standard taping technique for nasal intubation in the newborn infantNoRecruitment completeKristen James3
Randomised controlled trial of a decision aid for labour analgesia for primiparous women PT0534 / ISRCTN52287533 / NHMRC253635&262047NoRecruitment completeChristine Roberts3
Bubbles for BabiesRandomised controlled trial of headbox oxygen versus CPAP for neonatal respiratory distress in non-tertiary hospitalsPT0401 / ACTRN012606000264583 / NHMRC253790NoRecruitment completeAdam Buckmaster3
SUPPOSERandomised controlled trial of prophylactic glycerol suppositories on gastric emptying and feed tolerance in premature infantsNoRecruitment completeA Kochar3
Randomised controlled trial to compare heated humidified high-flow nasal cannulae with nasal continuous positive airway pressure postextubation in premature infantsMercy Hospital for WomenNoRecruitment completeClare L Collins3
Randomised double cross over study of assisted control ventilation (A/C) versus intermittent ventilation (IMV) in preterm babies weaning off ventilationPT0366NoRecruitment completeC Morley3
Randomised trial of dopamine vs dobutamine for treatment of low systemic blood flow in very preterm infantsACTRN12607000152426NoRecruitment completeNick Evans3
Randomised trial of Nitric Oxide Tocolysis (RNOTT)PT0397NoRecruitment completeAndrew Bitsis/Warwick Giles3
Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of aminophylline in infants less than 12 months of age with bronchiolitis who require intensive care, to assess if aminophylline is superior to placebo in reducing the duration of ventilatory supportACTRN12608000608369Royal Children's Hospital, VicYesRecruitment completeProf Frank Shann3
REFRESHReminder on Eating, Relaxation and Exercise support for HealthACTRN12609000718246Curtin University of TechnologyNoRecruitment completeProfessor Peter Howat3
Routine neonatal postextubation chest physiotherapy: A randomized controlled trialNoRecruitment completeCatherine Bagley3
RUCC Rct of Umbilical Cord ClampingNoRecruitment completeIan Wright3
POINTSafety and efficacy of pentoxifylline as a treatment for preventing the progression of necrotising enterocolitis in preterm neonates - A randomised placebo controlled pilot trialACTRN12606000257561NoRecruitment completeSanjay Patole3
Safety of supplementing infant formula with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and Bifidobacterium lactis in term infants: a randomised controlled trialWomen's & Children's Hospital, CYWHSNoRecruitment complete3
Selenium status of term infants fed selenium-supplemented formula in a randomized dose-response trialNoRecruitment completeMaria Makrides3
Sensitivity training for parents of preterm infantsNCT00883974NoRecruitment completeJeannette Milgrom3
CLOSURESkin and subcutaneous fascia closure at caesarean section: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12608000143325Discipline of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Women's and Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeRosalie Grivell3
Study evaluating pantoprazole in neonates and preterm infants with GERDNCT00362609NoRecruitment complete3
Sugar BabiesSugar Babies StudyACTRN12608000623392Newborn Intensive Care, Waikato Hospital, HamiltonNoRecruitment completeProfessor Jane Harding: Dr Deborah Harrris: Dr Phil Weston:
Supervised home-based exercise may attenuate the decline of glucose tolerance in obese pregnant womenNoRecruitment completeAssoc/Prof Kym Guelfi3
Support for ongoing breastfeedingACTRN12608000361303Rural Clinical School, University of New South WalesYesRecruitment completeMegan Elliott-Rudder3
SILCSupporting breastfeeding In Local CommunitiesACTRN12611000898954NoRecruitment completeHelen McLachlan3
Targeting duration of indomethacin treatment to the PDA constrictive response using echocardiography: a randomised controlled trialNoRecruitment completeCaimo K Browning3
DETECTTargeting of treatment of the patent ductus arteriosus using early echocardiographyACTRN12608000295347YesRecruitment completeMartin Kluckow3
Telephone reminders to improve the follow-up rate for neonatal intensive care graduates NoRecruitment completeM J Ross3
The CHIPS trial: Control of Hypertension In Pregnancy StudyISRCTN71416914 / NCT01192412NoRecruitment completeLaura Ann Magee3
The effect of a low glycemic index diet during pregnancy on obstetric outcomesNoRecruitment completeJC Brand Miller3
The effect of active chest physiotherapy techniques on regional ventilation on preterm infants on ventilatory supportACTRN12606000211561NoRecruitment completeJudy Hough3
The effect of intrathecal pethidine on shivering in women having caesarean sections: a prospective randomised controlled trialACTRN12605000065695NoRecruitment completeGabe Snyder3
PRIMEThe effect of midwife-led counselling on mental health outcomes for women experiencing a traumatic childbirth: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12610000098033YesRecruitment completeDebra Creedy3
FFFThe effect of regular weighing and dietary advice on maternal health and complications of pregnancy in overweight pregnant women: Facts, figures and feelings about weight gain in pregnancyACTRN12611000881932Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg, VicNoRecruitment completeDr Alexis Shub3
The effect of sildenafil in preterm infants with evolving chronic lung diseaseNCT00431418NoRecruitment completeKai Konig3
The effect of time, temperature and storage device on umbilical cord blood gas and lactate measurement: a randomized controlled trialUniversity of WANoRecruitment completeCraig Pennell3
HATChThe effects of antenatal hypnosis on pain relief in labourACTRN12605000018617 / NCT00282204Women's & Children's HospitalNoRecruitment completeAllan Cyna3
The effects of health related bio-markers in healthy women of child-bearing age consuming a diet higher in fish when compared to those who consumed a typical Australian diet higher in meatACTRN12610000572066Flinders UnivesityNoRecruitment completeLily Chan3
The effects of nasal continuous positive airway pressure on cardiac function in (i) premature infants with established lung disease and (ii) premature infants with minimal lung disease.ACTRN12611001057976Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeDr Sheryle Rogerson3
The efficacy and feasibility of progressive strength training in the management of glucose control in women with gestational diabetesACTRN12605000378628NoRecruitment completeJonathan Shaw3
Epi-NoThe Epi-No Trial: Effect of intravaginal balloon device on levator trauma in mothers following childbirthACTRN12609000592246Nepean Hospital, NSWYesRecruitment completeProf Hans Peter Dietz3
The evaluation of two types of pelvic support belt commonly used in the treatment of pubic symphysis pain to assess their comfort and symptom relief in pregnant New Zealand women; a pilot studyACTRN12614000898651University of OtagoNoRecruitment completeDe Stephanie Woodley3
Shift your RiskThe feasibility and efficacy of an individualised approach to increase physical activity among women with previous gestational diabetes mellitus.ACTRN12608000280303NoRecruitment completeHD McIntyre3
The Healthy Start to Pregnancy study - an evaluation of a new early antenatal health promotion model of care for improving maternal health behavioursACTRN12611000867998Mater Medical Research InstituteYesRecruitment completeDr Shelley Wilkinson3
InFANTThe Infant Feeding Activity and Nutrition Trial an early intervention to prevent childhood obesity: cluster-randomised controlled trialISRCTN81847050MelbourneNoRecruitment complete3
IFOSThe Infant Fish Oil Supplementation StudyACTRN12606000281594Princess Margaret HospitalNoRecruitment completeSJ Meldrum, N D'Vas, J Dunstan, TA Mori, SL Prescott3
The influence of acupuncture on the induction of labour for women with a post date pregnancy: a randomised controlled trial.PT0348 / ACTRN12606000494538NoRecruitment completeCaroline Smith3
MONTThe MONT (mask or nasal tube) Trial: A randomised controlled trial of mask versus nasal tube for the stabilisation of preterm infants (born between 24 and 29 complete weeks gestation) in the delivery roomACTRN12610000230055; NTR2061Newborn Services and Neonatal Research, Royal Women's HospitalYesRecruitment completeOmar Kamlin3
The Motherhood Choices Decision Aid for Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis Increases Knowledge and Reduces Decisional Conflict: A Randomized Controlled StudyACTRN12615000523505School of Social Science and Psychology, University of Western SydneyYesRecruitment completeAssoc Professor Tanya Meade3
BakriThe prophylactic use of a Bakri balloon for women undergoing caesarean section for placenta praevia - a randomised controlled trialACTRN12613000348752Mater Mothers' Research Centre/Mater Health ServicesNoRecruitment completeDr Michael Beckmann3
The use of acupressure wristbands to prevent nausea and vomiting in labour and deliveryACTRN12607000585426King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, PerthNoRecruitment completeMichael Paech3
ProPremThe use of probiotics to reduce the incidence of sepsis in premature infantsACTRN12607000144415Royal Women's HospitalYesRecruitment completeJacinta Tobin3
MEDSTORMThe use of skin conductance monitoring to predict severe hypotension after spinal anaesthesia for elective caesarean sectionNoRecruitment completeMichael Paech3
The virtual infant parenting program: a randomised controlled trialISRCTN24952438Centre for Devel Health, Curtin Heath Innov Res Inst, Curtin University of TechnologyNoRecruitment completeProf Sven Silburn3
Three model care pathways for postnatal depressionNCT01002027Austin Health, VicNoRecruitment completeJeannette Milgrom3
TIPPSThrombophilia in pregnancy prophylaxis study: a multicentre, multinational, randomised controlled trial of prophylactic low molecular weight heparin in high-risk pregnant thrombophilic womenISRCTN87441504The Ottawa HospitalYesRecruitment completeMarc Rodger3
TILTTiming of Induction of labour at Term. A Randomised TrialNoRecruitment completeJodie Dodd3
Tolerability and safety of olive oil-based lipid emulsion in critically ill neonates: a blinded randomized trialNoRecruitment completeJulie Bines3
Toward Parenthood: delivering an antenatal self-help intervention with telephone support for depression, anxiety and parenting difficulties - facilitating the perinatal health journeyACTRN12606000263594Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital, VicYesRecruitment completeJeannette Milgrom3
TICTransition from Incubator to Open Cot: early versus late; a randomised, controlled trialPT0427; ACTRN12606000518561Royal Brisbane & Women's HospitalYesRecruitment completeKaren New3
Trial Evaluation of the VAMP (Venous/Arterial Blood Management Protection) closed method of blood sampling from arterial umbilical catheters in very low birth-weight neonates.PT0358NoRecruitment completeSharyn Morris3
TRiMTrial for Reducing Weight Retention in New Mums: a randomised controlled trial investigating the effectiveness of an innovative postpartum weight loss program in new mothersACTRN12611000873921NoRecruitment completeDr Shelley Wilkinson3
TIPPTrial of indomethacin prophylaxis in pretermsNCT00009646NoRecruitment completePeter Davis3
TBSTwin birth study: a multicentred randomised controlled trial comparing planned caesarean section with planned vaginal birth for twins at 32-38 weeks gestationPT0540 / ISRCTN74420086 / ACTRN12606000267550University of TorontoNoRecruitment completeJon Barrett3
ACTOTTABTwins: Timing of birth at TermPT0426 / ISRCTN15761056WCH, AdelaideNoRecruitment completeJeffrey Robinson3
Ultrasound guided transverses abdominis plane (TAP) block for analgesia after caesarean surgeryACTRN12608000540314Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane LtdNoRecruitment completePhillip Cowlishaw3
UACC studyUmbilical Arterial Catheterisation Calculation StudyPT0398NoRecruitment completeI M R Wright3
PICOPUse of chlorhexidine as a topical antiseptic for the prevention of nosocomial infection in premature neonates < 29 weeks: a blinded randomised controlled trialRPA Women's and BabiesNoRecruitment completeSandie Bredemeyer3
Using the Internet to support breastfeeding duration in regional Western AustraliaACTRN12610000062022Curtin University of Technology Office of Research and DevelopmentNoRecruitment completeRoslyn Giglia3
Ventilator circuit flow selection during neonatal assist control volume guarantee ventilation: a randomised crossover trial. AC/VG Flow StudyACTRN12610000885099NoRecruitment completeKevin Wheeler3
Walking versus lying to prevent hypotension following spinal anaesthesia for caesarean sectionACTRN12606000391572NoRecruitment completeAllan Cyna3
MMBWeb-based cognitive behavioural therapy for women with postnatal depression (MumMoodBooster)ACTRN12613000113752Parent-Infant Research Institute, Heidelberg Repatriation Hospital VICNoRecruitment completeProf Jeannette Milgrom Dr Alan Gemmill3
WIPWeighing In PregnancyACTRN12610000331033The Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoRecruitment completeFiona Brownfoot3
Weighing pregnant women to achieve ideal weight gains in pregnancyACTRN12607000272493Mercy HospitalNoRecruitment complete3
BOOST IIWhich oxygen saturation level should we use for very premature infants? A randomised controlled trial to investigate the effect of two slightly different oxygen levels on the health of very premature infants (BOOST II: Benefits Of Oxygen Saturation TargetACTRN12605000055606 / NHMRC352386Westmead Children's, NSWYesRecruitment completeWilliam Tarnow Mordi3
WILD AWomen and the Induction of Labour Dilemma-Trial APT0519Mater Mothers Hospital, BrisbaneNoRecruitment completePaul Devenish-Meares3
OSCARWomen undergoing combined spinal epidural for elective caesarean section, ondansetron 8mg versus placebo to prevent perioperative shiveringACTRN12609000445279Fremantle HospitalNoRecruitment completeRoger Browning3
WEAVEWomen's Evaluation of Abuse and Violence Care in General Practice: a cluster randomised controlled trialACTRN12608000032358University of MelbourneNoRecruitment completeKelsey L Hegarty3
USES TrialWomen's Opinions and Experiences of Prenatal Screening for Down SyndromePT0355NoRecruitment completeCaroline Crowther3
CHOPPA pregnancy intervention to reduce postprandial glucose excursions in the primary prevention of paediatric obesity (Childhood Obesity Primary Prevention Study)ISRCTN10344179NoDiscontinuedJennie Brand-Miller4
MORPA prospective comparison of early post-operative analgesia in Caesarean Section using bilateral ilio-inguinal block and sub-cutaneous morphineACTRN12605000771651Royal Women's Hospital, VicNoDiscontinuedJames Griffiths4
CureNebAerosolized surfactant in the first hour of lifeACTRN12610000857000King Edward Memorial HospitalNoDiscontinuedDr Stefan Minocchieri/Prof J J Pillow4
Does telephone peer support and/or a midwife home visit in the early postnatal period increase breastfeeding duration?ISRCTN17386721NoDiscontinuedJudith Lumley4
Efficacy of ultrasound guided Transversus Abdominis Plane (TAP) block following major abdominal surgery (elective caesarean section): a randomised controlled trialACTRN12607000389404St Vincent HospitalNoDiscontinuedMichael Barrington4
Inadvertent dural puncture in labour: Intrathecal catheter versus epidural (The ICE Pilot)ACTRN12608000009314NoDiscontinuedAllan Cyna4
McMOPSMcRoberts manoeuvre or pushing studyNCT00116246NoDiscontinuedSheila Mulvey4
Prediction of normal vaginal delivery PT0547Nepean HospitalNoDiscontinuedHans Peter Dietz4
Self-management versus usual care for the treatment of mastitis following childbirth: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12607000438459NoDiscontinuedNeil Smart4
WIPPETThe effect of levobupivicaine Wound Infusion, for 24 hours, on Postoperative Pain after caEsarean secTion - a prospective, randomised, double-blind parallel-group placebo controlled clinical trialACTRN12605000241639NoDiscontinuedMichael Paech4
WILD BWomen and the Induction of Labour Dilemma-Trial BPT0520NoDiscontinuedJocelyn Toohill4
A Randomised Double Blind Crossover Trial of Intranasal Versus Epidural Fentanyl Patient Controlled Analgesia for Pain Relief after Caesarean SectionACTRN12605000327684NoSuspendedMichael Paech5
Comparison of the EpiSure Autodetect syringe with the Portex loss-of-resistance syringe: a randomised controlled trialACTRN12609000041257King Edward Memorial Hospital, WAYesSuspendedMichael Paech5
NIP StudyNeonatal Inhaled Pentoxifylline for early and delayed treatment of chronic lung diseasePTO389NoSuspendedJohn Sinn5
Perinatal treatment of depressionACTRN12609000831280Royal Brisbane HospitalNoSuspendedSally Matherson5
HUMBA (Healthy mUMs and BAbies) TrialA four-armed randomised controlled demonstration trial of a multifaceted dietary intervention and probiotic capsules in obese pregnant women in the Counties Manukau Health regionACTRN12615000400561University of AucklandNoProf Lesley McCowan99
Antenatal magnesium sulphate: Mechanisms of fetal neuroprotectionThe University of AucklandNoProf Caroline Crowther99
APTSDoes placental transfusion prevent death and disability in very preterm infants? Childhood follow up in the NHMRC Australian Placental Transfusion StudyNoProf William Tarnow Mordi99
The non-thermoregulatory effects of incubator humidity on preterm infantsPT0541NoJohn Sinn99